FEBRUARY 9, 10, & 11

Breakouts... think "hands on testing and training" after the MegaSession unveilings by Luther.  These staff and lay-leader lead breakouts are either "follow-ups" to a MegaSession (where we promise you'll want to know more), or very specific topics with a ministry focus just for you, your interests, and calling (i.e. foreign missions, youth leadership, parents of young kids, etc.).  There are ONLY SIX SLOTS, and 20+ sessions available.  Choose wisely.  Time is precious.  


Community: A Leadership Gathering

Chaise Logan

If you lead a Sunday School class, bible study, small group, or even just have a group of friends that hang out regularly… we consider you a leader or potential leader.  Catch the vision and learn how the new Community Group Ministry will function and flow.

Available Session 5 ONLY

The Media Demand: How Our Look & Reach Is Expanding

Alan Farris

Becoming a leader in Panama City requires us to improve our presence locally at TV, Social Media, Radio, and other outlets.  Come be a part of “dreaming big” to make Jesus famous in PC and beyond, and see the new vision we are rolling out before it launches.

Available Sessions 3 & 6

LifeStyle Worship: Jesus In the Real World

Adam Burnett

What does it mean to live a life of worship, especially in our current society.  Be encouraged and inspired to walk deeper and live louder in your worship.  Even when that worship takes place outside of the church.  Is that even allowed?

Available Sessions 3 & 5

CityKids: What's Next

Austin Rhodes

Be a part of big changes in our children’s line-up and structure in order for us to become better partners with parents.  Changes that will emphasize the importance of relationships in the life of our kid’s faith.  Prerequisite: W.E.W.: Why Every Week

Available Sessions 5 & 6

Mission Minded: PC Needs That Will Blow You Away

Samantha Seaborn

Your neighbor can’t feed their kids.  1 block over, young girls are being targeted, exploited, even kidnapped & sold.  The average person is seeking God MORE, and attending church LESS.  The economy is up, yet so is homelessness in PC.  CC is answering the call.  Be informed!! 

“Your heart may break-  but your spirit will be inspired!

Available Sessions 1 & 5

Student Leaders: Gonna Be Lit

Chaise Logan & Christian Stanford

Leading students is one of the greatest life investments, but now we want to invest in you.  Find encouragement, ministry information, and practical training for the amazing road ahead this year.   

Available Session 2 ONLY

The Green Elephant: Momentum Is Coming to CC

Alan Farris

Your wallet is about to smile.  City Church is doing something radically different and it involves your financial success.  No prosperity gospel here!  Whether rich, poor, or average: We are laying out the plans in this class that will change your life AND your family tree.  Don’t miss this!

Available Sessions 1, 2, & 5

Becoming CityChurch: The Vision & Future for PC

Samantha Seaborn

Addressing our “CITY” church elephant in an exciting and hope infused discovery of how City Church is growing into its name in 2018.  The Great Commission comes to life for City Church Members and that means you!   

Available Sessions 3, 4, & 6

GirlTalk: A Women's Ministry Makeover

Angie Davis & Tia Thomas

A shopping spree on Rodeo Dr., a nice up-do, and lots of sparkle is all it took for CC Women to get a big upgrade.  Check out the New You, ladies, and all of the vision and ministry enhancements coming in 2018.

Available Sessions 4 & 6

Cultured: The Biology of City Church & PC

Luther Stanford

Our culture plays a big role in shaping how we worship, how we minister, what we focus on, and ultimately how we do life together.  Our culture has changed and we need to define it, embrace it, and ensure the message remains consistent.

Available Sessions 1, 4, & 5

Community: How It Works

Chaise Logan

One of the most important things inside the church, is connectivity.  Check out how you can join, be a part of, lead, and grow small groups.  Catch the vision and learn how the new Community Group Ministry will function and flow.

Available Session 5 ONLY

CityStudents: Our DNA

Chaise Logan

The ‘who, what, and why’ we do what we do.  Explore insight and vision for where CityStudents has come from, to where it its heading this very year.  Understand some of the core principles we are pursuing in our spiritual development and worship. 

Available Session 3 ONLY

The Master Plan: 2018 Building & Infrastructure

Adam Burnett

From roofs and parking lots to renovations in our fellowship hall and worship center, this session is packed with mandatory repairs, needed updates, and hopeful overhauls.  We are discussing the needs, plans, options, and dreams you won’t want to miss.

Available Sessions 1 & 4

Thinking Small: The Big Way to Foster Community

Chaise Logan

Do thoughts of leading a ‘small’ group, seem monumentally ‘huge’?  This class will shrink the apprehension and enlighten attendees on just how easy and amazing small group leadership can be.  Current leaders— This is very much for you! 

Available Session 6 ONLY

W.E.W.: Why Every Week

Austin Rhodes

The greatest thing we can create with our parents and children is trust.  Unmasking the impact consistency plays in the life of a kid.  What does a relationship look like and how does it form correctly for children?  The evidence is compelling.

Available Sessions 3 & 4

Nicaragua: Deeper & Behond

Samantha Seaborn

5 years CityChurch has partnered in Nicaragua!  Discover growing needs there and for our missionaries.  Be part of the team without leaving PC, OR join us on mission this year.  Come see the progress thats been made over the years and join what’s still to come!

Available Session 2 ONLY

The Q&A: Pastoral Edition

Luther Stanford & Adam Burnett

Come armed with questions, especially pertaining to the mission, vision, and direction which is rapidly intensifying at City Church.  We’ll discuss culture and our role in this community.  This fun and engaging session will hit a lot of things.

Available Session 2 ONLY

Connected: ShelbyNext Tips & Tricks

Angie Davis

The digital way we connect our church family, take attendance, and maintain our “new” old fashioned church directory.  Bring a computer, smart phone, or tablet device and get ready to utilize neat ministry tools in the palm of your hand. 

Available Session 1 ONLY

The First 60 Seconds: Saying 'Hi' with an Eternal Impact

Heather Brewer & Ted Randall

Guest Connections is expanding and this breakout will tell you what that looks like, and how you can be involved in greeting, getting to know, and truly “welcoming” someone… in just 60 seconds.  This class is invaluable inside and outside the church!

Available Sessions 2, 4, & 5

Safe Zone: How We Protect Our Kids

Austin Rhodes

We can’t partner with parents without safety being a top priority.  We are rolling out new safety precautions and standards that will build on the numerous additions seen this past year.  Leaders and parents, don’t miss this in-depth look at how we’re working to ensure safety.

Available Sessions 1 & 2

Deacons: Current & Potential

Donnie Sellers

What is a deacon?  Why do they exist and how do they lead?  This will be a great time of training and vision casting for new, current, and potential deacons here at City Church, led by a former deacon chairman.  Deacons— Do not miss this!

Available Session 4 ONLY

CC Volunteers: What It Takes in 2018

Angie Davis

If Jesus is the oxygen, Volunteers are the heart that supply CityChurch with life.  Do you have what it takes to make City Church a center for hope and life-change in Panama City?  We are betting you do, and this class will help.

Available Sessions 2 & 5

New Here?: City Central

Heather Brewer

Connecting new members and visitors with each other and all City Church has going on.  This fun hangout with tons of info would keep a 10 year member saying “I didn’t know that.”  So come hang and get to know each other!

Availabe Sessions 1 & 3

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