Love People...Everywhere.

At City Church, we believe wholeheartedly in the Great Commission;

that God has commanded us to spread His love, grace,

and life-changing truth, to the ends of the Earth.


Whether serving our city through love in action,

or heading across the oceans to build churches and schools,

at City Church we make it easy for you to follow God's commandment.

At this time our community is facing an unprecedented situation with

the spread of the Coronavirus. Many people will face issues they are unprepared

for and without resources, especially our elderly.

City Church is committed to serving our community

by being the Church to our City. 

Do you have a prayer need?

Would you enjoy a personal phone call or

a card in the mail? 

Can we deliver you some groceries

or pick up your Rx?

If so, click HERE

Are you willing to pray for a specific need?

Would you mind making a personal phone call

or mailing a card? 

Would you be able to make a grocery run or

pick up a Rx?

If so, click HERE

N.E.M.O is the name we  have   affectionately   given to our  Northside Elementary Ministry Outreach.

Throughout the year City Church helps with  school supplies & food for the  students  of   Northside  Elementary!

Click HERE for more information!