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Our Current Response


How is City Church Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic?


1) We are abiding by the wise and prudent recommended health mandates. 


Because we care about the safety and health of our family, and in compliance with state, local, and federal government mandates; we have temporarily MOVED any in-person gatherings of 10 or more, to an ON-LINE environment to protect our elderly, immunocompromised, and young families, effective through April 30, 2020.


2) We are continuing to connect and meet together through the City Church online platform. 


Though City Church is practicing social distancing, we are also engaging more than ever in spiritual and personal connection with one another.  While our building is closed to the public, the church is very much OPEN and ALIVE. We want everyone to think of our website as our facility during this time. 


Our worship services together are Sundays at 9:30am on our CityChurchPC Facebook page via the Watch Party feature.  It is as simple as logging onto our Facebook page and clicking [Play] on the video anytime up to 30 minutes before or during the service.  Additionally, our music and messages can be viewed on this website in the Worship section.    


3) We are continuing to meet the spiritual needs of people to the best of our ability. 


City Church remains active with intentional and meaningful connection more than ever before, via phone calls, letters, E-mails, on-line video meet-ups, chats, social media, devotions, blogs, and ministry service projects. We encourage everyone to visit the church website and social media daily for encouragement and spiritual nourishment. 


4) We are continuing to meet the physical needs of people to the best of our ability.


On our website, we have provided a link “I Need Help.” Through this simple button, a person can make our church aware of any physical and essential needs which they may have. We are committed to caring for our most vulnerable friends and neighbors during this period. City Church members are continuing to give financially so that we might have the resources to share the love of Christ in tangible ways. 


5) We are staying strong in the hope and grace of Christ, our Lord. 


After Hurricane Michael, we often said to one another, “Do not waste your wilderness experience.”  By this we believed God had specific purposes He could accomplish in us only through the tragedy of that storm. This circumstance is no different.  We anticipate that we will emerge from this season stronger in our faith and more devoted in our affection for Christ. We anticipate a re-birth of City Church’s ministry through this time with an even greater intention of connecting with one another, and caring for others who need it most.  


6) We are continuing to live as generous followers of Christ. 


We must continue to be a generous church even during this season of hardship.  Be generous with your time as many of us have extra to spare. For those who are blessed to receive income during this economic scarcity, be generous with your finances as God directs. Be generous with your patience as “sheltering in place” can wear on relationships and emotions. 


We invite to join us in fresh new ways as we seek to walk with Christ daily and personally. We encourage you to connect with your City Church family of believers. And we pray you will be a light to all you encounter in your digital and personal spaces. Let’s be City Church to Bay County and beyond.  



Luther Stanford

  Lead Pastor

What's Next


Factors for Re-Starting Congregational Worship


At this point, even though there is no timeline for re-convening large scale congregational worship, we have begun the conversation of what must take place in order for gatherings of large numbers of people to safely commence. There is not a single factor in returning to “normal” Sundays. Rather, the decision will involve weighing multiple factors in a risk/reward scenario. These factors will include but not be limited to:


1) Cooperation with Government Guidelines

We are monitoring the national and local conversations about the feasibility of large group gatherings and the time-line for when they can commence. We anticipate this will be an intentionally slow process which will start with smaller groups and expand to larger numbers of people. 


2) Evaluation of Congregational Health

We will assess the physical health of our own City Church congregation so as to implement social gatherings in the safest manner possible for our most vulnerable members. 


3) Evaluation of our Community’s Status

We will assess the status of Covid-19 prevalence around the Panhandle while giving consideration to the trajectory of cases in our local hospitals. 


4) Preparation of our Facility

We anticipate that large-scale gatherings will require a high level of preparation of our facilities to ensure everyone’s safety and top-level standards for personal hygiene. 


5) Implementation of Proper Health Procedures 

Large scale meetings will require the implementation of new procedures for “old” routines. We will have to establish new and improved protocols for many of the normal practices involved in congregational life. 



We will do our best to keep the City Church at Northside congregation informed at each interval in this process. The path we are walking is a slippery one, and we are trying to take each step with diligence, prayer, and wisdom. We covet your prayers and patience along the way.