Deacons are the right hand of the pastorship and the individuals who are trusted as the front line ministry offense of the church body.  From family crisis, medical emergency, loss, spiritual need, and beyond:  Deacons are entrusted to be those who care and those who act, and those who immobilize and equip others to do the same.  

Nominating Process

Click on the form below to initiate your nomination of current church members to the appointment of Deacon.  Only members who are NOT currently serving as a Deacon may be nominated.  Current Deacons are listed below  

When considering qualifications for nominations, please read:
Titus 2:7, I Peter 2:12, I Timothy 3:8-13 & the New Testament Deacon model in Acts 6:1-7




Active Deacons -- Do NOT select these names


Skooter Nelson
Keith Trappe
Daniel Gilchrist
Ed Keller

Win Wuttke
David Lee
Tony Sims


Dee Carr

Joel Creel
John Seaborn
Steve Burchfield
Jerry Cash
Steve Crooks
Chuck Flowers

Mark Plesner
Tom Schroyer
Donnie Sellers
Lawrence Williams

Don Baughn

Phil Gann
Fred Johnson