Easter is almost here and we thought to make it, not only something to celebrate, but also something you can have fun with as a family! Below you will find activities for each day that will allow you to teach your kids what Easter is all about and have fun TOGETHER!

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Easter Jam




Read:  Matthew 21:1-11

Easter week is HERE! Jesus arrived for Passover…people were celebrating and lined the streets as He entered Jerusalem, but only one person truly knew what was going to happen this week. 


Recreate the scene. Create a “Main Street" through your house and find the biggest stuffed animal you can. Take turns riding that stuffed animal into town while everyone in the house celebrates. Yes, I would definitely video this experience! 


If you don’t have a stuffed animal at home, try the ALTERNATE OPTION or do both! 


Read the Scripture again, grab a piece of paper and something to cover your eyes with. Then, have someone put 2 minutes on a timer. Try to draw the scene of Jesus entering Jerusalem the best you can while blindfolded. Make sure everyone gets a turn, including your parents. 



Jesus Cleaned the Temple

& Cursed the Fig Tree

Read:  Matthew 21:12-19

Water Bottle Flip Challenge

This month’s series is called “Upside Down.” 

Find 4-5 different size water bottles (small, normal, half gallon jug, full gallon jug etc and fill each about 1/5 full)….30 second timer….how many can you get to successfully land going from smallest to largest. Make sure you video it! 


Easter week would change the world forever, in fact, it would turn it “Upside Down.” 



Read:  Matthew 26:17-30

Join us online with Pastor Luther starting at 10 a.m.

Use whatever you have on hand for a special edition of the Lord’s Supper.

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Read:  Matthew 26:36-56

Read the Scripture above and then have a different member of your family draw pieces of what happened in Gethsemane.  Once completed, bring each piece of the story together to form one image with each person explaining their drawing.  


For example, not limited to:

Disciples sleeping Peter cutting the ear 

       Jesus praying Jesus Healing the Soldier 

    Judas Arriving Jesus being taken away

Jesus being arrested  


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Read:  Matthew 26:47-68

Spell “Humility” with items from around the house as large as you can and take a picture of it “Upside Down.” The more creative, the better.


 How did Jesus continue to put others first during this difficult time when He was being treated so unfairly? 


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Read:  Matthew 27:27-54

Older Kids

How Did they Feel? Emoji Style


Once Jesus was buried in the tomb, there was a variety of emotions among all the people. There were some celebrating, some terrified, some incredibly sad, and many completely confused that Jesus was gone. How do you think the following people felt and why? Pick the emoji that you think best describes how the person felt once Jesus had been crucified and then say why you felt that way.


Jewish Leaders • Townspeople (ordinary person)

Pilate Mary Magdalene 

Roman Soldiers Peter

Criminals on the other two crosses


Younger Kids

Read the Scripture above with help from a parent if needed. Then, create a tomb with couch cushions or other items around the house and take a picture with someone from your house lying in it. (Everyone will recreate this tomb on Sunday)


The great news about Easter, is that the story wasn’t over even though most people thought it was, including the disciples. The best was still yet to come and the way people felt would certainly be turned upside down in just a few days. In fact, the world as they knew it would be turned “Upside Down.”




The Easter Jam Family Experience (a digital easter experience for the whole family) will be available starting at 6 p.m.! 

*a direct link will be sent to your phone through Remind or be available on the church website! 


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Easter Morning watch morning service and Kids Worship Experience!

Facebook watch party begins at 9 a.m. with announcements and a time to chat with your church family, service begins at 9:30. 


Activity for all

Build an empty tomb in your living room (take a group picture around it)


Then talk about the questions from last night's Easter Jam? 

1) I can__________ because Jesus is Alive. 

2) What makes Easter happy? 


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