About Us

Who We Are

We are teachers and police officers, real estate agents and maintenance workers, lawyers, military, mothers, veterans, doctors, auto salesmen, musicians, fast food workers, bank tellers...simply put: we're just normal people who love God and love each other. At City Church we want to do life with one another, and that includes you. We're all broken in some form or fashion, so why not be broken together?

What We Believe

City Church is a Southern Baptist Church, believing in the core beliefs found in Scripture, and echoed through the Southern Baptist Convention in the Baptist Faith and Message. 
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Baptist Faith & Message
FAQs About Our Faith

We believe God has given City Church a unique calling and mission. Becoming a member is a way to join us in that call and commit to become a part of the journey here at City Church. We believe that every Jesus-follower should belong to a local church and should find a place for community, to service and support, and in turn, to be served and supported. We'd love for you to join our church family today!