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This year City Church will prepare for Easter with the observation of Lent. This will be 40 days of prayer, fasting, and reflection as we seek to go deeper and more meaningful in our relationship with God.

Lent begins on February 14 (known as Ash Wednesday). To begin our Lenten season, we will have a special walk-through worship & and prayer experience at the Annex on February 14. We encourage everyone to come by the Annex to participate in this special event. It will involve Scripture readings, prayer, times of reflection and celebration, and more! Imagine setting your heart and mind on Christ for 40 days! What a day Easter will be for us!

The walk-through experience can be done as an individual or as a family. It should take 30-60 minutes dep
ending on your personal preference.

The Annex will be open next Wednesday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Feel free to come by anytime.

Reading Plan

Family Lent Calendar

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