FEBRUARY 9, 10, & 11

Friday, Feb 9  @  6pm

Saturday, Feb 10 @ 9:00am     

Sunday, Feb 11 @ 8:15am & 10:45am  

A MegaSession... think "Old school Steve Jobs Apple Inc product unveiling", but with eternal ramifications.  Luther (lead pastor at City Church) is revealing some huge church-wide announcements that will impact every member at City Church.  It will inform, excite, and spiritually uplift you!  This week we will be addressing several "elephants" in the room... and announcing serious solutions. 
DO NOT MISS a MegaSession.  They are each equally important.

MegaSession Line-Up
Friday, Feb 9  @6pm
"The City Church Way Part 1"
Saturday, Feb 10  @9am
Saturday, Feb 10  @1pm
Sunday, Feb 11  @8:15am & 10:45am
"The City Church Way Part 2"

What was, what is, and what will be the culture of City Church?  How does this line-up with the culture of Panama City?  How will this impact our worship, mission, and direction?






Where are we?  What do we offer to Panama City outside of ourselves?  How does that dictate who we are and how ministry is handled?  

We are tearing into the fabric of what makes City Church, City Church.  If the previous sessions explored our relationship to the city, this undoubtedly explores how we effectively connect to each other - as a church family.  This changes everything.

How City Church will build and grow beyond our walls, effectively carry out the vision God has laid on our staff, church leaders, and members alike, and bring a new day with new life to the City Church family and surrounding communities.

Feel Free to invite a guest and hold on!!