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Feeling Stuck in the Valley?

A pandemic. A hurricane. The threat of murder hornets. A wildfire. Family crisis. Just thinking about this can be exhausting and overwhelming. It would be so easy to just zone out, but you can’t. You wake up the next day and you have to face it again. Another temptation, another conflict, another moment when you are emotionally worn out.

Psalm 121:1-2 says, I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Notice it said, I lift up my eyes to the mountains…ok, that must mean they were probably in the valley. Sometimes we may think that God has brought us to a place and forgotten about us there. When God brings us to something, He's faithful to bring us through it. We don't have to settle in a broken and dead place. We need to stand up and lift our eyes where our help comes from. No matter where we stand, in the mountaintop or the valley, we’re standing in His love. No matter what we have, or don't have, His grace is sufficient.

This time last year, God sent a friend who shared this at a time I needed it most:

In the Valleys I Grow

Sometimes life seems hard to bear,

Full or sorrow, trouble, and woe,

It’s then I have to remember,

That it’s in the valleys I grow

If I always stayed on the mountain top,

And never experienced pain,

I would never appreciate God’s love,

And would be living in vain

I have so much to learn,

And my growth is very slow,

Sometimes I need the mountain tops,

But it’s in the valleys I grow

I do not always understand,

Why things happen as they do,

But I am very sure of one thing,

My Lord will see me through

My little valleys are nothing,

When I picture Christ on the cross,

He went through the valley of death,

His victory was Satan’s loss

Forgive me Lord, for complaining,

When I’m feeling very low,

Just give me a gentle reminder,

That it’s in the valleys I grow

Continue to strengthen me Lord,

And use my life each day,

To share your love with others,

And help them find their way

Thank you for the valleys Lord,

For this one thing I know,

The mountain tops are glorious,

But it’s in the valleys I grow!

CHALLENGE: During this crazy season, how are you allowing God to use you each day to share His love with others? 

Here are some ideas:

· Write letters of encouragement (yes, snail mail still works!) 

· Post an uplifting scripture verse on social media

· Share your favorite worship song with someone

· Call or text someone you haven’t heard from in awhile

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