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God as He Longs for You to See Him – Part 3

“He guides me in the paths of righteousness

For His name’s sake.”

Psalm 23:3

The last 18 months have reminded all of us how tricky and slippery life can be. After Hurricane Michael trudged northeast and beyond the Panhandle, many of us stood in shock as we wondered, “What do I do next?” That night, in extra dark, air-conditioned-less rooms, we prayed more desperately than we had prayed in years, “Lord, I am lost. Show me what to do.” And because He is a Good Shepherd who guides His sheep, He did.

And now, once again, we find ourselves in the unfamiliar territory of life in a pandemic. We know how to tarp rooves. Complicated insurance policies? We can navigate without issue. But how to survive a virus that has infected over a million people on the planet? We are like lost sheep.

To all those wondering what to do next, King David reminds you that God wants you to see Him as your Trustworthy Guide. Sheep are notorious for wandering. One moment they are safe, the next moment they are disoriented and off-course. But thankfully we have a Shepherd who never leaves His sheep bewildered and puzzled, but faithfully guides them.


1) God always guides us to do what is right and just. This is what “paths of righteousness” are. God never leads us to act dishonestly or corruptly. During this season, God will lead us to do what is ethical and generous for the good of others and His world.

2) God leads us to live for reasons other than our own self-protection and self-promotion. He leads us “for His name’s sake.” God guides us to live faithfully to the credit and glory of His own name. As we consider our actions and daily decisions, we don’t ask “What is best for me?” Because we trust our Shepherd, we ask, “What would honor God most?”

Stay faithful, City Church.

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