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Love Like Jesus

It’s May. I’ll say that again, it’s May. So much is happening this month, in particularly this week. Yesterday was Star Wars day and I certainly hope the 4th was with all of you. Today is the ultimate Taco Tuesday. This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Gentlemen, there is your reminder. On top of all of this awesome stuff, the kids started learning about a new life app this past Sunday. A life app is what God is doing in us to change the world around us. So far this year we have talked about what it means to know God, loving others the way Jesus did, how to forgive the way Jesus did, and how to live in humility the way Jesus did. This month is all about determination, deciding it’s worth it to finish what you start.

It’s easy to picture how different the world would look if everyone learned to love, forgive, and show true humility the way Jesus did. It’s kind of hard to picture how much different the world would look if people who followed Jesus learned to finish what they start. I know it would help my personal life, but what impact would that have on the world around me? Well, this month we are looking back at the beginning of the early church and how they were determined to follow Jesus regardless of the obstacles they faced.

In Acts 1:1-11, we see Jesus speak to His disciples for the last time before ascending back to heaven. In verse 8, Jesus tells the disciples to go tell everyone everything they had seen and experienced. After all, they were witnesses to the most powerful, life transforming event in human history. He told them to start in Jerusalem, go to Judea, in Samaria, and then to the ends of the earth. That’s a seemingly impossible task but people needed to hear about Jesus. People needed to know the truth and the disciples were going to be the ones to share His message. They would surely face challenges and persecution on their journey, but they knew it was worth it to keep going. They didn’t have google maps, social media, or even know that the earth was round at that time, but they had a story to share, and nothing would stop them from sharing it.

Life is hard. Sometimes we get stuck. Sometimes we get distracted from what’s most important. Sometimes we get our priorities out of sorts and value the wrong things. Sometimes we get bored and want to experience something new. Sometimes we wonder if what we are doing is worth all the time, resources, heartache, and struggle that it is demanding from us. Sometimes we wonder if what we are doing is worth it to keep going. No matter what obstacles you are facing right now, I pray that you keep going in the following two areas because they are what we were made for.

1)Keep going on your journey to know God more clearly. Spend time reading His word. Spend time talking with Him in prayer. Find someone you trust and continue conversations. Ask questions. No matter how long you have been following Jesus, there is always something more that God wants to teach us about Himself and what He is doing in the world around us.

2)Keep making God known to the world around you. Most of the time we do not know how to even start having a conversation about Jesus. We don’t know how someone will feel or how someone will respond. Here’s what I am becoming more and more convinced of each day. The greatest way that you and I can make God known is by the way we love His people. The Jesus kind of love will never fail and will speak louder than we can ever imagine.

It’s worth it.

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