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TikTok – that’s either the sound of a clock, slowly ticking away, second by second, while you sit and wait for the time to pass by – or a ridiculous but amazing social app where you watch or perform short dances and skits all while making a fool of yourself.

Through every season in life – we are given a choice. We can choose to find the good – or focus on the problem. Ever since our son Bub was born, we have made a conscious decision to find the good. Our son was born with a rare condition called Tuberous Sclerosis. He grows tumors throughout many of his organs (brain/heart/skin/etc) and has a slew of other medical issues (epilepsy/developmental delays/etc.) We were told he wouldn’t live longer than the age of 5. He is 8 now.

It hasn’t been an easy 8 years. There have been many moments of anger, fear, sorrow, doubt, the unknown - but we have never lived in those emotions. We have made a choice to live in happiness. That happiness is because of our relationship with Jesus. The security that He gives us. The light that He is in our lives. We choose Jesus over fear.

Right now – we have a choice. We can choose to focus on the problem – whether it be the virus, a medical diagnosis, etc.….and live in fear, the anger, the unknown OR we can be aware of the problem, but not live in those emotions. Find the good. Enjoy this time with family, the moments of quiet where you can be still and listen. Re-evaluate your life and determine if you’ve been giving priority to the right things.

Here’s some ideas of what we’ve been doing during this time:

- House Projects

- Spent the whole day speaking in a foreign accent

- Pool Time

- Paddle Boarding

- TikTok (it’s hilarious and allows you to be goofy)

- Reach out to people you haven’t chatted with in a while

- Focus on the family (extended family too)

- Dressing up for fancy dinners at the house

- Riding around the neighborhood in ballgowns and tuxedos just because we can

- Playing yard games and card games

- Homemade popcorn and Netflix…Tiger King…lol

How are you living life these days? Are you listening to the sound of a clock, slowly counting the seconds go by until you can get back to “normal” – TikTok – or are you living your best life and finding the blessings in this season?

-Lloyd and Natalie Estes aka The Estes Crew

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