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Time: A Gift from God

Some of you maybe experiencing  more time on your hands than you have experienced in a long time. 

Some of you maybe struggling with your unexpected blessing of time. In fact, you maybe calling it anything but a blessing. Your mind is about to explode, inwardly you are saying: I have things I must do, places I must go, deadlines that must be met, classes that must be taught! How will I pay my bills? This unexpected blessing of time is killing me on the inside. Please God, I cannot take anymore unexpected blessing of time!

Yet, God maybe saying, "I am just trying to give you a blessing. The blessing of time.” 

Time is the greatest gift God has given to man. This may seem like a very bold statement and some may disagree. Some may say health is the greatest gift, or maybe wealth, or knowledge, or even power.  But I ask you, what good are any of these without time? What good is health if you have no time to live it? What good is wealth if you have no time to spend it? What good is knowledge or power without time to benefit from them? 

Time is a gift which can be used without health, wealth, knowledge or power. Some of the greatest servants of God never had health, wealth, knowledge or power. Time is immensely valuable if you are willing to share it with and for God. 

You and God spending time together. Oh the joy which can be yours if you are willing to give some of your time back to God. 

We live is a world that demands our time and it seems to be a struggle to give time back to God, the very one who has given us time itself. Time as we know it came from God at creation. God never needed time for He is eternal, He had no beginning and has no end. Yet, God knew that this earth and all that is in it, that includes you and me, must have time. 

When God finished His first works on earth He established time as we understand it. 

Genesis 1:5 NKJV - God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day. 

God repeated this for six days in a row establishing what we know as a 24 hour day. A period of time which has a beginning and an end. Oh the wisdom of God, knowing how much we need one day to end and a new day to begin. In fact, on the seventh day God goes one step further and gives us a week. Once again a period of time which has a beginning and an end. Knowing that a week is a period of time that needs a day of rest! Going deeper into the days of creation, day four to be exact, God gives us the sun, moon, and stars to set forth days, months, seasons and years. All of these are groups of times that have a beginning and an end. 

Maybe you noticed a pattern which God has established using time. The pattern that all things have a beginning and an end. That includes the season of COVID-19. Yes, this COVID-19 is here for a season of time. It had a beginning and it will have an end! 

Maybe in this season of time God is desiring a little one on one time, just you and God.

By: Phil Maxwell, City Church Member

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