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The Hill
By David Williams

Along the road of space and time, the focal point of humankind. Bridging the holy realm of a righteous God with the fallen kingdom of cursed sod.

The hill, with skull like face, outside the city gate. Upon it, three bloodied men are raised. The central figure stands as an asterisk of the human race.

In life and death, a different breed,
the heart and face of Deity. Now darkness falls, laying on Him, the corporate wages of our Sin, the judgment of our rebellion.

The hill is where His eternal plan is unveiled in clarity. The place where faith brings us to our knees, to travel now, on the blood paved path, to claim our destiny.


By Jeff Robb
Sitting in a cold dark cell
Guilty of the crime
He’d started riots, even killed a man
Once upon a time
Waiting on his judgment
Behind those bars of steel
Wondering what he’s gonna have
For his last and final meal
He heard the crowds, outside his cell
That were walking through the mud
He knew in just a little while
They’d be calling for his blood
Too soon, came guards, the keys he heard
They were right outside his room
He’d see sunlight, just one last time
Then be buried in a tomb
It happened only moments ago
He’s still in shock and awe
This time of year, a prisoners freed
According to the law
He never thought they’d let him go
He thought judgment t’was his to face
But they shoved him out the door
And said, “Another took your place.”
He had to know who this man was
Who’d die so he’d be free
That man must be so much worse
And this he’d likely see
He followed ‘long the crowd that day
The path he should have tread
And fine’ly saw the man he sought
who took his place instead
Nailed high up there upon his cross
With arms wide open spread
He hung up there between two thieves
Thorn crown upon his head
Barabbas knew the man up there
He knew Jesus was his name
Jesus had done not one thing wrong
Yet took all the guilt and shame
Barabbas tried to understand
This man and all he’d been through
Jesus smiled down as they locked eyes
and said, “Barabbas, this is for you.”
Jesus died, yes quite long ago
But the message is still so true
Jesus paid the high price for sin
And he did it all for you


By Patsy Forrest

“Christ didn’t have any sin. But God made Him become sin for us. So that we can be made right with God because of what Christ did for us.”  (2 Corinthians 5:21 NIrV)
My sin was placed on Jesus. I deserved punishment, yet God allowed Jesus to receive my punishment. Jesus stands between me and God, so my sin was punished but I am safe because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. God did this, but why?

God had no obligation or duty to redeem us. After all, He is the Creator of everything, Lord of the Universe and there are no requirements on Him.

But think of it, He gave His only Son to receive my most deserved punishment. Would I give up my daughter, Mary for others? The answer is NO! She is blood of my blood and bone of my bone and I could not sacrifice her for anyone. If you asked me to make a list of those I would let her die for, the page would be empty.

But God has a book filled with names for whom Jesus died. It is full and includes my name. God’s love is huge and “He loved the world in this way: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 CSB)
The story doesn’t end at the cross. In fact, it doesn’t end at all. Jesus didn’t stay on that cross, or in the tomb where He lay. He walked out of that tomb, Master of sin and death. He lives today in the hearts of His children.

Jesus is always speaking. Jesus is always present even in the darkest places, anywhere I am! He is my Friend who is always knocking on the door of my heart waiting for me to invite Him in.
Even when I am numb or engaged in sin, He is not absent. He is with me always at the door, knocking, waiting for an invitation to come in and spend time with me, share a meal with me, and bring me strength to resist temptation, or wisdom, or peace, or comfort, or joy. Just listen, there is no noise so loud that I cannot hear Him. Just listen to the knock. You will hear Him say “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in. I will eat with that person, and they will eat with me.” (Revelation 3:20MIrV) He wants to come in and sit with you, share with you. Will you open the door?



Reverse The Curse
By Cressa Serreyn

Nothing in this life really matters

I refuse to believe

Jesus was real and rose from the dead on Easter

I realize this may shock you

Salvation made possible by Jesus’s birth, death, and resurrection

is a lie

I live, I die, it’s over

In the years to come those around me will know

I have my priorities straight

Pursuing my pleasures and open-mindedness

Are far more important than

Surrender and salvation

Let me tell you

Once upon a time, I went to church

But this is not true any longer

Faith provides a false sense of security

“Experts” told me

Faith is a crutch, a means to justify hate,
or an escape from painful life

I do not conclude

Faith is an anchor for the soul
something to firmly hold onto

As far as I’m concerned

Stepping away from church, religion, and faith
bears no eternal consequences

No longer can it be said

My salvation is found in Christ

My soul can rest secured, and eternity is sealed.

It will be evident

No matter how good or bad I live

When I’m gone there will be no consequences.

It is foolish to presume

My life is in God’s Hands

And all of this will come true unless we reverse the curse…

Now read each line from the end to the beginning!


Punny 1.png

Benny’s Easter Tale
Written by Kristy Robb
Illustrated by Layla Robb

Bunny 2.png

Benny the curious, little bunny left his home early one morning looking for adventure. As he hopped down the path he heard a crowd of people. Now, most bunnies would run away, but not Benny. He was a curious bunny.

Bunny 3.png

Benny saw on the hill up ahead, a man on a cross and he felt sadness in his heart. “Oh, what does this mean?” Benny thought to himself. Even though it was not time for bed, the skies grew dark.

Bunny 4.png

The world seemed different, silent even. Benny watched as some men took the man, put his body in a cave and closed it with a giant stone. Even though Benny’s heart was sad, he didn’t feel that this was the end. So every morning, Benny hopped back to the cave, curious about what would happen next.

Bunny 5.png

As the sun rose on the third day, Benny sat hidden in a bush by the entrance to the cave. While chewing on some grass, the ground began to shake and the giant stone rolled away. This scared the men who were guarding the cave and they ran away, but not Benny. He was a curious bunny.

Bunny 6.png

The man from the cross came walking out, but he looked all better. “Curious.” thought Benny. Just then, some ladies came down the path. They were surprised to see the man was gone. “Jesus is Alive!” they said.

Bunny 7.png

In Benny’s heart he knew that the world would never be the same. He couldn’t wait to tell his friends what had happened.

Bunny 8.png


A Glorious Sunday
By Jim Watson
One glorious Sunday
Way back in history
A stone was rolled away
The lasting effect is no mystery
But maybe you doubt
How could that event be true
And maybe you scoff
Christians don’t have a clue
Science you say
Is the direction people should travel
Follow the evidence
And watch religion unravel
But I’ll hold to my faith
All my sins are forgiven
Angels declared the truth
He is not here, He is risen

A lot can happen in a short amount of time ...
By David Williams


John 12:13, Luke 23: 21-49
My wife tells of the early days of our marriage in a unique way. One week we were at Seminary in New Orleans where I graduated on a Thursday. The following week we were at her parents home in Indiana preparing for a Saturday Wedding. The following week was spent on a Lake in Kentucky in honeymoon mode. The next week we traveled to a small town on the outskirts of Atlanta where I was being voted on and called to serve on staff at a church. The following week we returned to New Orleans, packed our limited belongings into a U-Haul trailer and moved to Georgia. My wife says of those few weeks, "I didn't know my name or my address. I didn't know who I was, where I was or how I was supposed to be."

Things can change drastically in a short amount of time.

The voice of the crowd can shift from "Hosanna, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord," to "Crucify Him," in a matter of minutes, hours, and days. A man can go from a sword wielding bodyguard, willing to take on the Temple Guards with a "I will never turn on you" kind of faith, to a shadow dwelling figure, responding in fear to the accusation of a little girl, saying "I never knew Him." The clocks circled a few times and he changed again, a fisher of men feeding the Good Shepherd's sheep.

The Lord went from the experience of His Passion, suffering, dying a perfect sacrifice for our Sin, entombed in a borrowed grave, and risen to Victory, alive to rule forever more, in the span of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This Bible truth, that a lot can-happen in a relatively little amount of time, tells us a lot about who and what we should follow:
1. Following the crowd can quickly lead you down a wrong road.
2. Following feelings alone, makes your emotions your god.
3. Following Jesus requires absolute surrender- even when we don't understand.
Dying to self, committing to Jesus as King of all your life, determines not whether He is King- but whether He is your King.


A lot can happen in a little bit of time.

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